Football Wars: Footballers Drag Government To Court Over FUFA

Dan Walusimbi ‘the legitimate FUFA president‘ addressing media

The Uganda former football players under their umbrella Voice of A Former Player dragged the Uganda government Attorney General to court over football matters especially its leadership on top [FUFA].

The former players who are led by former SC Villa player, the self proclaimed legitimate FUFA president, Dan Walusimbi, Dan Ntale and Gebi Kalule of GK Sports dragged the government of Uganda to court while claiming that the government should come out and intervene into the matters of football leadership in Uganda and the case is already in high court.

While addressing media at Grand Imperial Hotel Kampala, Dan Walusimbi asserted that 519 footballers have took government to court and the case appears before the high court in Kampala on 18th November 2019.

Some of the Ex- Internationals who attended the press conference

This is a legal proceedure against the Attorney General of this country and National Council.” Said Outspoken Walusimbi. ” 519 footballers took Government to court and on 18th November this year, this case Appear again before the high court.” Dan Im his words Confirm to media.

We met into the mediation with NCS and we failed to agree because we are saying the law is Paramount you can’t mediate on the law, so government stands a very huge risk, because we are 101% sure because we are on the side of the truth. But why government is yet to lose alot money because of one person or two?” Walusimbi give insight of the case.

Walusimbi also revealed that they have already petitioned parliament through the Committee of Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) about the illegal existence of the current football governing body (FUFA).

We are here to denounce the illegal existence and impunity in our game of football, scoreline Investment Limited has never been Fufa the National Association as it is now.

We are here to affirm to you that now is the time not tomorrow, that we should all act together to stop this impunity.” Walusimbi on the wheels

On 19th August 2019, we have petitioned parliament under COSASE committee, we just await for our petition to be allocated. And I take this opportunity to call upon Hon Speak Kadaga because have been making follow up and they have been telling me that she is still handling our petition.

Footballers need chances they deserve, as I said before, we are not crying babies, it’s our responsibility before the law that we need to put this to an end.” Walusimbi explaining the matter.

Daniel Ntale speaking

Nim Sport understands that in 2016, Dan Walusimbi, about the same issue [Legality of the current Fufa] dragged FIFA to Court of Arbitration For sports (CAS) but the end results are yet to be found.

Gebi Kalule, the director of GK Sports and a players Intermediate also fumed about the misuse of FIFA equipment and funds by FUFA.

FIFA has responsibility of entrusting it’s member Associations, to give opportunity to any child who want to play football for free because it supports it’s programs, it sends equipment and funds for all programs but you know what do they [FUFA] do, they extract money from coaches for coaching courses.

How can you ask Sula Kato, with his legacy to pay for Coaching course.

Everyone knows this federation is not transparent. No no these gentlemen are not fit to lead the Aspiration of 40 million people” furious Gebi Kalule spit venom.

It should be remembered, that the FUFA president, Eng Moses Magogo was asked by FIFA to step aside to allow smooth Investigation about the 2014 world cup ticket saga and currently Justus Mugisha is the Acting Fufa president.

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