List Of Top 10 Talented But Stubborn Players In Uganda Women Football

Fazila Ikwaput and Amina Nababi

By: Special Reporter

It’s visible that women football is developing at hypersonic speed than expected at the start.

But, like any other sport or men’s football for a mention, where there is talented, stubborn and tricky players, Women football is not for Angels group, it has such characters.

The closing fixture of first round of FUFA women’s Elite league, where the Elizabeth group table leaders Makerere University were held to a one all stalemate by home side Town View Women Football Club at Bugiri Hospital Ground, Aminah Nababi became a talk of the evening.

Aminah Nababi, made headlines on that game when she refused to have a group photo with teammates before the start of the game, reasoning that she was tired of taking lineup photos in same Jersey without changing.

Her head coach Fred Ndawula scrapped her off the starting list and he slapped her a three weeks suspension for indiscipline.

This tempted Nim Sport, a Veteran media in Uganda’s women football to outline the top ten talented but stubborn players in fraternity.

10. Grace Aluka (She Maroons)
The rusting versatile player miss several training sessions during her time at Uganda’s Women Football Giants Kawempe Muslim Ladies only to show up on the last training.

When her then coach Ayub Khalifah questioned her conduct, she braggingly replied, “Ffee twakuba dda, oba tonesiga” (Am a senior player, unless when you don’t trust me. I’m a senior player”

Grace Aluka (photo credit: Swift sport)

9. Sheebah Zalwango (Asubo-Gafford Ladies)
She is rated to be among the most stylish attacking Midfielders in Uganda, the only player you can pay your money to watch, but few coaches have managed to understand her. She can go off the coach’s instructions and does what she likes. Only Mustafa Kayinda, now the current coach at the club who can try to manage her.

Sheebah Zalwango

8 Atim Susan (She Corporates)
She is one of the exciting and strong wingers in Uganda, before joining She Corporates at the end of last season, she was trading her trade with Olila High but she less mind about coach’s Instructions.

During a training session at her current club, coach told her not to play rough instead of abiding by the directions, she Just walked off the pitch. Another incident, was during a friendly game when she refused to be substituted. In the same game, Atim was caught off side by the center referee and she showed the index finger to the referee.

Atim Susan

7. Adeke Juliet (Kawempe Muslim)

Adeke Juliet, 2018 Elite league best goalkeeper

The shot stopper, is one of the promising goal custodians, but, her short temper, sometimes go beyond the limit to question her coach’s tactics. Once in a given game she questioned, “ Coach why are you putting off the strikers, is it you going to score for us??, And if they start attacking us a lot, I will get out of the goal posts.” Loudly she was heard questioning the coach.

6. Bridget Nabisaalu (She Corporates)

Bridget Nabisaalu in National team colours

She considered as one of the technically gifted players amongst women football, this is a Player who can find a training session well organized by a coach then she will jump in and set up a discussion with the coach as to why he has set up such a session. When the coach insists, she will workout for like 5 minutes and then sits out “Nze ebya coach Saabitegedde.” [I didn’t get what coach did today]

5. Mwajuma Nambooze aka Tajju (Kampala Queens)
A very crazy fella, she is a player who can kick her teammate during training. When cautioned by a coach, she gives ambiguous replies, “marry her if you care much about her.”

In her early days at Mukono High School, She deliberately used to kick the attackers to hurt the team.

4. Afoyo Maureen alias Monti (Ajax Queens)
Much was expected of her but due to her character she has failed to buy trust from those who saw the great talent her at her early stages.
The forward, once in 2017 when her side (Ajax) was hosting Rines SS, was substituted, and she was seen pulling off the famous Tamale Mirundi gesture of pointing at her head, Signaling that those who pulled her off the pitch are not knowledgeable.
Once in another tournament game, she refused to celebrate with her teammates and Officials citing that they are not her friends but pretend. “Munveeko, olwo tugambe mbu Munjagala nyo!!”, she asked.

3. Resty Nanziri (Kampala Queens)

Resty Nanziri, (photo credit: Kampala Queens media

This is one of the few forwards who have the football knowledge, but she normally switch off and you can’t guess the day she is in her full normal senses.
Few years back while still at Tagy High, Under coach Ayubu Asiimwe, during Nationals tournament, Coach cautioned her for over carrying the ball minus passing or scoring., The girl’s reply to the coach was crazy. “Guugwo gweteebere” [the ball is there, go and score if you want.], She left there the ball and the opponents went on and scored against her side.

2. Aminah Nababi (Makerere University WFC)
If there are purely talented left footed footballers in Uganda Aminah Nababi tops them all. With her marginalized structure, her talent is very exceptional, her dribbling abilities are measured to none in both leagues, Elite and Super. Her main problem is following coach’s instructions.

Way back while still at Kawempe Muslim she was told to come on as a sub with 12mins to go ,she told the coach “Nawe ezo Sizisamba” [I can’t play for such minutes], and she remained on the bench.

Recently while her team was in Bugiri, she refused to join teammates for a group photo, claiming that they took many photos from the same Jersey and there was no need of taking others.

1. Fazila Ikwaput (Lady Doves)
This one is the current FUFA women’s Super League top scorer, tied with Latifa Nakasi on six goals. it’s only goalkeepers to tell how hard and heavy her shot is when you get to handle it. Her behaviors are the worst. She rarely give respect to coaches and club Officials.

Close sources in Soroti reveal that she almost fought Professor Olila during her reign at Olira High School. Her worst habit is buzzing.

Honorable mentions; Lillian Mutuuzo (Kampala Queens), Nazizi Florence (Kawempe Muslim), Stella of Makerere University, Katushabe Jane (Lady Doves).

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